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Almost a decade ago, our founder, Neal Walden, looked around at the present cabinet market and decided that there was an overabundance of choices but rather poor selection. Since we opened our business, we have been intent on creating cabinets with lasting style. Virtually every component of your cabinet is made in a single building. This gives us tremendous control over quality and design originality. A high level of design is what separates us from many other shops who have become “component assemblers” instead of true cabinetmakers. A cabinetmaker since 1984, Neal learned his trade in a traditional apprenticeship to a Swedish master craftsman, Willy Ekstrand, and oversees a crew of highly skilled builders. These skills, plus a high emphasis on proportion and design integrity including the application of pattern language and more, give credence to our motto: "The closer you look the better we look." Gather in one of our spaces and you'll know that feeling of being in the right place.

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